Shining A Light On Sunny, Successful, Seaside Spiritualism

Paignton SNU Spiritualist Centre
Paignton SNU Spiritualist Centre celebrates its community, its friends and volunteers!.
Paignton SNU Spiritualist Centre

For our next mini Spotlight, we’re taking a visit to our friends at Paignton Spiritualist Centre, whose fantastic committee and volunteers continue to run a bustling, vibrant community on the heart of the Devonshire coastline.

Last month, the centre ran a special weekend on the 13th/14th May with SNU President, Minister Jackie Wright, serving and in attendance.

It was another busy, vibrant time for a centre that is reaching out and broadening the scope of what it offers the community.

Paignton’s President, Anne Jenkins, said; “I am very proud of our centre, committee and volunteers”. “We are very busy”, with Saturday coffee mornings open to all, free Yoga sessions with optional donation, Interfaith meetings hosted by Minister Kim Moore Cullen, Open and closed teaching circles.

“We hold healing sessions twice a week, as well as twice weekly Demonstrations of Mediumship and Divine Services, with refreshments afterwards.

And of course, Anne spoke of the importance of recognising and thanking those who make it all possible.

“We have a volunteers Cream tea at the weekend to thank them, as without their help we would not be able to hold all our events and keep the doors open”.

In addition to all their regular, busy calendar, the weekend with the SNU’s President in particular seemed to be one of forward-thinking positivity and excitement for the future of not just the Centre, but indeed Spiritualism as a whole.

“We had a wonderful time with Jackie”, Anne continued, “she is such an inspiration – so caring and understanding of our issues and concerns.

“We have great hope for the future of our movement now”.

One of the real joys and purposes of our Spotlight series is to shine a light on best practice, achievements and all the wonderful work taking place in every corner of our Onion.

The fantastic team at Paignton are another shining example of Modern Spiritualism in action, and of our churches and centres being exciting, purpose-driven places of community and true service to the Brotherhood of Man … and indeed all of our guiding principles!

As always, enormous thanks to Anne and everyone at Paignton for their selfless efforts and fantastic example. We can’t wait to watch the centre go from strength to strength – and as you can see from this picture, it is a beautiful, welcoming and uplifting centre to visit.

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