Mediums are ordinary people who have trained to develop their natural psychic ability to enable them to communicate with the spirit world.

The three main types of Mediumship are mental, physical and healing

The reason for so many forms of mediumship is because our friends in the spirit world will use whatever means they can to help us and to understand the truth of everlasting life.

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is by far the most common and falls into two categories. Perception is when the spirit communicator works through the medium’s mind and he or she is able to hear, see or sense pictures sounds and feelings.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is quite rare, possibly because it takes many years to develop. It is a more direct form of mediumship as everyone present will witness the same phenomena. Spirits can speak directly with their own voice, or sometimes even materialise for all to see. Objects can be levitated and moved around the room with no visible means of support.

Healing Mediumship

Among the great forces of Spiritualism is healing the sick, either by personal contact, known as ‘laying of the hands’ or through absent healing, in which patients can be treated from great distances away, using healing thoughts and prayers. Many incurable diseases have been successfully treated, although no healer can provide a guarantee. However it is reassuring for the healer to alleviate suffering or ease a passing.