Wendy Brooking Workshop: Breath to Meditate: Tools to calm the mind.

Saturday 23rd September 2023 10.45am – 12.00pm

Members Donation Only or Non-Members £3.00

When you book you will need to pay by cash, bacs or by cheque

This Workshop will be mainly seated and it’s aimed at all abilities.

The workshop will help you gain an understanding of;

How your breath communicates with the brain.

How your posture can affect the quality of your breath

How the quality of the breath effects the system of the body, sugar levels, blood pressure , heart rate, digestive system

How the breath can affect the chemical make-up of your brain, how to cultivate the ‘wellbeing’ suit of chemicals to lift your mood.

If you would like to join this workshop, please see a member of the committee or contact by

email; info@paigntonsnuspiritualistcentre.co.uk

Tele No; 01803 525933

There is only limited spaces.

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